What are subscriptions?

Every time a new sermon is preached, a file is created, summarizing the new content. Certain web-based and desktop applications can be configured to seek out those files, and notify their users when the new content becomes available. We offer subscriptions for sermons, which take the form of a podcast.

Subscribing to Podcasts

There are two ways to use the Harambee Church Podcasts. Using iTunes and using other services.

Using iTunes: This is a very popular method. If you already have iTunes installed, simply click on the link below. To download iTunes, just click on this link.  Download

Using other RSS Feed Services: Most other services will provide you with the option of enter the link to the XML file that the feed uses. You will find that link in the right column of the table below.

Sermon Series iTunes Link Basic RSS Feed Link
All Sermons Subscribe! https://sermons.faithlife.com/api/channels/6271449/feed