As Learners, we are disciples of Jesus who take responsibility for our own development and the development of others. Your DNA partners and Group Leaders are good people to help you figure out what you need to be learning and what that might look like, and both of those groups are people you can invest in to help them learn.

We publish audio online so that, as disciples of Jesus, we can take responsibility for our own learning and review teaching we experienced or listen to teaching we missed.  Of course, a podcast doesn't replace dialogue and being part of a family on mission.

Here are some helpful resources online to continue your understanding of living out the mission of the gospel in community.

Read and search the Bible online in more versions and languages than you knew existed.  It's a great way to locate that verse you remember a part of but have no idea where to find or to study a passage by reading it in many different translations.

A great resource with several plans to map out reading the whole Bible in a year. And you can start on the 1st or 15th of any month.  Consider using a chronological plan—it will have you read the text in the order in which the events happen and is a great way to get the big picture and see the Bible as one large story of God