About Harambee

Harambee Church is a missional, gospel-centered church. Most importantly, Harambee is all about Jesus. Because of who Jesus is and what he did, Harambee is a family of missionaries sent by God to serve our world, continually learning how to walk in his ways. That's our identity, and it's worked out by God's grace in the everyday rhythms of life in Issaquah, Tacoma, Renton, and the Puget Sound region.

Our Story

Harambee Church was planted in 2002 and helped plant Harambeein 2003. In 2010, we joined with Soma Communities to achieve greater gospel saturation in our region and beyond. Harambee Church is made of Groups - small groups of people being the church and on mission in their neighborhoods and missionary contexts. Several Groupss under the oversight of local elders are called an Expression. Harambee Church strives to server the communities in and around Renton, uniquely expressing what it means to be the church. We are continuing to bring the message and the ministry of reconciliation in the gospel to the cities in the Renton area.

The Harambee Church building in Renton is used as a center for community development - and our Sunday morning gathering there includes the Renton Expression, the Southcenter Expression and the burgeoning Maple Valley Expression.